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How much gold can we get from mobile phones?

By on Mar 14, 2016

It’s said that a bag of used mobile phones contains a gram of gold. There are a lot of mobile phones in the world, so how much of the gold we need can we get from them, asks William Kremer.
There be gold in them thar smartphones, said the European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potocnik last month. He didn’t use those exact words, but that was the general idea.
“The business case is clear,” he said, as he launched revised waste and recycling targets for the EU. “There’s gold in waste – literally. It takes a ton of ore to get 1g of gold. But you can get the same amount from recycling the materials in 41 mobile phones.”

There is 1g of gold in about 35-40 mobile phones
Some 7.4 tonnes of gold is mined per day – if we got it from phones we’d run out of them in 23 days
Recycling phones can only provide a fraction of the gold we need


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